Your trusted global partner in credit and receivables management.

Global Network

We have a global network of partners that assist us in our services

High Recovery Rates

We offer high percentage performance improvement to our Clients

Strong Reputation

We strive to meet your needs and to exceed your expectations.

Professional Service

We employ on the highest skilled and experienced personnel for our services

Credit Management

We assist both companies and individuals in the credit management process and maximize their collection rates

Receivables Management

We offer our Clients the opportunity to outsource receivables management to lower their cost & improve efficiency.

Mitigation Services

We implement profession mitigation techniques and personnel to ensure that your negotiations go smoothly.


We undertake the hefty task of your company's invoicing procedures and ensure that its done & managed correctly

Debt Analysis

We employ a large team of talented professionals who will analyze and improve your company debt structure

Custom Reporting

We prepare high quality custom reporting packages for our Clients based on their immediate requirements

About Our Company

We at COMMERCIAL CONDUCT SOLUTIONS KFT. strive to bring the highest standard services to both companies and individuals. Our company is based on reputation and Client orientated approach making us an ideal partner for your business. Here are some of our primary qualities:

COMMERCIAL CONDUCT SOLUTIONS KFT. is a global business consulting company that delivers innovative solutions through its services.

COMMERCIAL CONDUCT SOLUTIONS KFT. is focused on maximizing your company collection rates at all times

We employ on the highest skilled and experience personnel in our offices

Being a company which strives due to its reputation, COMMERCIAL CONDUCT SOLUTIONS KFT. is confident in saying that our Clients would certainly recommend our services to others


COMMERCIAL CONDUCT SOLUTIONS KFT. is an international company, with office in several location within the EU that specializes in offering a range of outsourcing solutions related to Credit and Receivables Management.

What services we provide?

Our service include but are not limited to Credit Management, Receivables Management, Mitigation Services, Debt Analysis, Invoicing and Custom Reporting.

How can we help your business?

We can offer your business the expertise, the know-how and the advice that it requires in order to run its operations smoothly and cost efficiently when it comes to Credit and Receivables Management.


COMMERCIAL CONDUCT SOLUTIONS KFT. offers services that are based on quality and trust, which are the two utmost important qualities of the right business partner. We follow are unique and custom tailored approach with each and every Client making our services a perfect match for every business that we handle.


There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation and hard work.